R79 Open Now! 1st - 25th Feb

Printing Schedule and Updates

Our estimated turnaround time is 6-12 weeks unless advised differently at the time the preorder is run. For instance, some flash rounds take 4 weeks, and a rerun round will take up to 14 weeks. Below is a list of all Pre-orders currently processing or recently processed. 

RETAIL - All retail orders are picked and posted within 1-3 business days unless during a Retail Launch Evening, at which time retail takes 1-5 business days due to the large volume of customer orders.  

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R62 Pony, Princess, Pandas and Experiment - closed June 12th with an advised TAT of 6-12 weeks. 

R61 Wanderlust Encanto May. USA TAT is 8-16 weeks. 

R60 - Vinyl Clear Preorder May. 

R59 Wanderlust - This round closed 3rd April and had an advised turnaround 8-16 weeks as per international collaboration TATs. All ordered processed by the 11 week mark. DELIVERED Retail released 2n July.

R58 Anime Rerun Preorder - Closed 8th April with advised turnaround time 6-12 weeks. Still printing as at 15 May. Eta for orders to be sent  22nd May until 3rd July). Due to COVID shutdowns across China during April the timeframe for this round will be closer to the end of the TAT period. 

R57 Wanderlust Tina Feb Closed 28th TAT 8-16 weeks. All orders processed early by the 8th week mark. Closed 

R56 Vinyl Closed 10th March- TAT 6-12 weeks (delivery dates between 1st May - 12th June) All orders processed early and sent before 10th May. Retail released 15th May. Delivered early. CLOSED

R55 Magical Mashup Closed 28th Feb - TAT 6-12 weeks (delivery dates between 25th April– 30th May). Majority of the orders processed by end of April/early May, 5% of orders outstanding which include panels, ETA for processing before the end of the TAT. Delivered on time. Retail released early June. CLOSED.

R54 Ogre Green Goodness Dates 22nd January – 2nd February -  Advised TAT 6-12 weeks (delivery dates between 22nd March – 3rd May). Delivered ahead of schedule

R53 Easter and Fashion Princesses closed 5th January 2022 – Advised TAT 6-12 weeks (delivery dates 27th Feb – 28 March). Round is running SUPER early and orders have started going out at the start of February. Delivered early. CLOSED.

R52 Wanderlust Preorder November 5th - Turnaround time 8-16 weeks. All orders delivered at 10-12 week mark (end of January). CLOSED. Retail released 3rd Feb.

R51 Vinyl closed 20th December – Turnaround time 6-12 weeks (delivery dates 7th Feb until 21st March). Orders have started going out end of January, with Glow In The Dark vinyl due to post early March. CLOSED.

R50 Magical Themed Closed 12th December – All orders delivered ahead of schedule between  the 3 and 6 weeks.  CLOSED. Retail schedule for release Wed 23rd February.

All previous rounds (over the last 4.5 years) are all closed and were delivered within their timeframes (and usually even quicker than advised).