Australian Owned and Operated: Preorder Fabric Turnaround Time 6-10 Weeks

Printing Schedule and Updates

Our estimated turnaround time is 6-10 weeks unless advised differently at the time the preorder is run. For instance, some flash rounds take 4 weeks, and a rerun round will take up to 12 weeks. Below is a list of all Pre-orders currently processing or recently processed. 

RETAIL - All retail orders are picked and posted within 1-3 business days unless during a Retail Launch Evening, at which time retail takes 1-5 business days due to the large volume of customer orders.  

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Round 22 Easter and Australia Day - Dates 11th -25th November  

Round 21/R54 Sweet N Charmed Accio - Dates 8-15th November, printing and processing turnaround time is 6-10 weeks. 

Round 20/R53 Sweet N Charmed FLASH - Dates 24th - 26th October, Processing estimates 6-10 weeks, estimated processing all orders by early January.

Round 19 Dash of Summer - Preorder dates 18th Oct - 1 November, all fabrics are off and printing with an TAT of 6-10 weeks. Estimated processing all orders by mid January. 

Round 18/R4 Sweet N Charmed Woven - Early October, all orders processed in 2-4 weeks. Completed

Round 17 Rerun Round - Dates 6th -20th September EPIC preorder with every single Material Magic design ever ran on offer . Printing Schedule advised 6-12 weeks with orders currently on track and the first orders going out at the 6 week mark. All fabric bases have finished printing and on track for processing by 20th December. Open

Round 16/R52 Sweet N Charmed Christmas - Dates 31st August - 5th September, all orders sent within 4 weeks. Completed 

Round 15/R3 Sweet N Charmed Facemask - Flash round 10th-11th September - all orders sent between 3-5 weeks. Minor printing errors on black mask panels with these reprinted for customers before sending which resulted in an extra week for processing.  Completed

Round 14 Furry Friends Flash - Preorder dates 5th-12th September. All orders sent between 3-6 weeks. Retail published October 28th R14 and is now considered closed. Completed

Round 13 - Christmas Preorder dates Sunday 12th - 26th July. Printing turnaround time is 6 - 10 weeks. Expected processing orders between 30th August - 27th September. All orders processed between 6-10 weeks, with three orders requiring reprint, and processed by 13 week mark. Completed

Round 12 -  Preorder dates 10th -24th May. Printing turnaround time is 6-10 weeks. Expected processing orders between 5th July - 2nd August. All orders sent by 6.5 weeks. Completed

Flash Pre-order - 10-14th April. Turnaround time was crazy quick and managed to get every single order out within 4 weeks. Completed

Round 11 -  Pre-order dates 2 - 23 February. Turnaround estimate for the shipping period was 29 March through until 26 April. 97% of orders were posted by the 7th week, with 3 final orders processed at the end of the 9th week. Completed

Round 10 -  Easter Pre-order dates 1 January - 8 January. All orders delivered within 5 weeks. All orders processed and Pre-order considered closed with Retail available on the website. Completed

All Pre-orders (Rounds 1-10) were delivered on-time, with all customer orders posted within 4-8 weeks of each round closing.